New Year 2021 Expectations And Resolutions

 New Year 2021 Expectations And Resolutions

After disastrous 2020 , we all are expecting happy new year 2021. Everyone faced so many ups and down in 2020. Now we all need a fresh start. Those who lost their jobs will apply for new ones. Those are already working will seek increment. Students preparing for exams will be focused towards their goal. Everyone wants settlement in life. For a middle class fellow the main goal is to find a good job.

In today’s fast moving world those who have money, don’t have time to spend it and those who have time, don’t have enough money to enjoy their life. So basically every one is dissatisfied with their life. 

In 2021 we must decide what actually we want. How we can earn happiness. Yes money can buy accessories for life but money can not buy happiness. Give time to yourself and think about your priorities and move accordingly. Never try to copy or follow someone , if you will try to live somebody’s dream then its of no use. Your life your dreams so decision should by yours. 

Give time to your loved ones and family. They are always available for you in time of need. Never ignore or hurt them. In today’s false world they are only the true ones. 

New year 2021 resolutions

New Year 2021 Resolutions

Daily Exercise - Start this year by adding exercise in your daily routine. A fit body will keep you active and energetic. Health is wealth always remember this.

Be Positive - Always try to remain positive . Think positive and spread positiveness among people around you.

Eat Healthy - Everyone needs to improve their eating habits. People are getting too much dependent on junk food. Which is causing lots of health issues.

Help Others- If you are capable of helping someone in need , please do help them. Your small contribution can save a life.

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