Motivational Story -'"The Bird's Nest" .

Motivational Story -'"The Bird's Nest"

It is not necessary to be educated by taking education from anyone. It is necessary to have understanding, experience, sensation. .

bird nest

TN Seshan once visited Uttar Pradesh when he was the Chief Election Commissioner. He was also accompanied by his wife. On the way, they stopped near a garden. There were birds nests on trees in the garden. His wife said, get two nests for me, I will take them for the decoration of the house. He asked the policemen accompanying him to bring nests. The policemen asked a boy, who was grazing a cow nearby, to pay ten rupees in lieu of climbing the tree, but the boy was not ready to break the slurry. TN Seshan asked him to give fifty rupees instead of ten, yet that boy was not ready. He said to Seshan, sir! There are bird children in the nest, when they bring food in the evening, then they will be very sad to not see their children, so no matter how much you pay, I cannot break the nest.


After this incident, T.N. Sheshan had a lifelong guilt that a shepherd boy could think and had the same sensibility, why he could not think even after being so educated and IAS, why did not that sensation arise in him?

He said that my position and my IAS disappeared in front of that little boy. I became like a mustard seed in front of him. Education, position and social status are not the criteria of humanity.


Knowing nature is knowledge. There is nothing to be gained from collecting a lot of information. Life is enjoyable only when there is knowledge, compassion and intelligence.

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