Health Is Wealth Motivational Story - Mytalesonline

Health Is Wealth Motivational Story - Mytalesonline

health is wealth

Once upon a time there was a rich man living in a village. He had no shortage of money but was too lazy. He used to do all his work with the servants and himself used to sleep or spend all day. It slowly became absolutely unusable. He felt as if I am the master of everything because I have a lot of money, I can buy anything. Thinking that, he used to sleep day and night. But it is said that bad thinking has bad consequences. This is what happened to that person. For some years, he felt as if his body was already getting relaxed and he was having trouble even moving his limbs and that person was very upset. He had a lot of money, he called a big doctor from the city and spent a lot of money but his body could not be recovered. He started feeling very sad. Once a sadhu was passing through that village, he heard about that person's illness. So he told Seth's servant that he could treat his illness. Hearing this, the servant went to Seth and told him all about the monk. Now Seth immediately summoned the monk to himself, but the monk said that he will not come to Seth, if Seth has to recover then he himself came here. Seth became very upset because he was helpless and did not know again. But when the monks are not ready to come, then courageously reach out to meet the monk with great difficulty. But the monks were not there. Seth returned from sad heart now ,This was the daily rule, the monks used to call him every day, but when Seth came, no one was available. 3 months passed while doing so. Now Seth started to feel as if he was getting better, his hands and feet were started working. Now the whole thing came to Seth's understanding that why the monks did not meet him everyday. His body had recovered quite a lot for 3 consecutive months. Then the monk told Seth that the one should earn a lot of money in life but bigger than a healthy body there is no wealth. 

So friends, the same thing applies to our daily lives, however much money you earn, there is no more capital than a healthy body.


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