International Yoga Day 2020 Theme

International Yoga Day 2020 Theme And Origin Of Yoga


international yoga day

International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st of June every year. It was started in year 2014. On December 2014 United Nations Organisation declared 21 June as International Yoga Day . The Initiative was taken by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi . Since 21 st June is longest day of the year it was decided to declared it as Yoga Day .


This year is affected by COVID -19 epidemic so the theme of Yoga day is -”Yoga at Home ,Yoga With Family -घर पर योग , परिवार के साथ योग”.


Why Yoga Day is celebrated?

Yoga is not only good for physical and mental health also it is a symbol of - unity , integrity and brotherhood . In today’s life every person has so many issues . Sufferings and stress are everywhere . Yoga is the only way to come out of this . It gives us mental peace and healthy body. Yoga is a gift from Indian ancient rituals.


Yoga Originated From Lord Shiva

In yogic culture Lord Shiva is known as Adiyogi ( the first yogi ). Yoga practices started by him only. He is the origin of yoga practices .


Father of modern Yoga-

Patanjali is known as Father of modern yoga .He simplified Yoga by preparing certain yoga sutras. He prepared 196 sutras or verses of yoga .


Now Yoga is practiced world wide . Everyone is well known with it . People are accepting it as part of life . Yoga keeps a perfect balance between your body and mind . It keeps negativity away from us .

Practicing yoga on daily basis recharges you and your soul . With a clam mind we can easily deal with every issue of life .


“Yog rakhe nirog"  follow this in your life and you will find everything is going in a right way .






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