One More Attempt - best motivational story

One More Attempt - best motivational story

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Once upon a time. A majestic king ruled in a state. One day a foreign visitor came to his court and presented a beautiful stone gift to the king. The king was very happy to see that stone. He decided to build a statue of Lord Vishnu from that stone and install it in the temple of the state and handed over the work of building the statue to the state's General Minister.The General Minister went to the best sculptor in the village and giving him the stone said, “Maharaj wants to install the statue of Lord Vishnu in the temple. Within seven days, prepare the statue of Lord Vishnu from this stone and send it to the palace. For this, you will be given 50 gold coins. " The sculptor was happy to hear the 50 gold coins and after the departure of the General Minister, took out his tools for the purpose of starting the construction of the statue. From his tools, he took a hammer and hit it with a hammer to break the stone. But the stone remained intact. The sculptor made several hammer blows on the stone. But the stone is not broken. After trying fifty times, the sculptor raised the hammer for the last attempt, but before he could hit the hammer, he pulled out that what would break if the stone was not broken by striking it fifty times. He took the stone back to the General Minister and returned it saying that it is impossible to break this stone. Therefore, it cannot create a statue of Lord Vishnu. The Minister had to fulfill the king's order in every situation. Therefore, he entrusted the task of building the statue of Lord Vishnu to a simple sculptor of the village. The sculptor carrying the stone hit him with a hammer in front of the General Minister and the stone broke in one go. After the stone was broken, the sculptor started making the statue. Here the General Minister started thinking that if the first sculptor had done one more final effort, he would have succeeded and would have been entitled to 50 gold currencies.


Moral of the story - Friends, we also keep facing such situations in our life. Many times before we do a task or before a problem is faced, our confidence staggers and we give up without trying. Many times we give up trying in case of failure in one or two attempts. While it may be that after some effort, the work gets completed or the problem is resolved. If you want to achieve success in life, then despite repeated failures, one should not stop trying until success is achieved. What to know, the effort that we pull before trying, that should be our last attempt and we will get success in it.


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