25 Best Quotes And Sayings By Chanakya

25 Best Quotes And Sayings By Chanakya

Chanakya Quotes

1) Debt, enemy and disease should be eliminated.

2) The fire also burns when installed in the head. That is, no matter how much the wicked person is respected, he always gives grief.

3) The lazy has neither present nor future.

            -Chanakya Quotes

4) Even if the truth is unfair, it should not be said.

5) A person who does not take care of time does not remain smooth in his life.

6) Do not enmity with someone more powerful and equal than yourself.

7) Whose soul is restrained, he is self-assured.

8) Friendship of the enemy is better than friendship of the wicked.

            -Chanakya Quotes

9) There is no need to raise an elephant for milk. That is, the means should be mobilized according to the need.

10) Politics is concerned only with the issues that provide prosperity to its state.

11) Fighting the mighty is like fighting the infantry with elephants.

12) No work of a drunk person is complete.

13) Protection of subjects is possible only with proper use of punishment.

14) By having little effort on getting money, the work is completed.

15) It should be the proper duty to publish the proved work.

           -Chanakya Quotes

16) The cow's calf strikes its mother's udder to drink milk.

17) A person with a soft nature is insulted even by his dependents.

18) In the midst of the assembly, one who shows the personal faults of others, himself shows his faults.

19) The person who disregards the money obtained by bad measures is a monk.

20) Faith should be protected more than life.

21) The gem is never broken. That is, if there is a simple defect in a learned person, he should not pay much attention to it.

             -Chanakya Quotes

22) A foolish person also rejects a benefactor. On the contrary, one who conducts against it is called a scholar.

23) Don't believe untrustworthy people.

24) Deformed people behave with lewdness.

25) Even when worshiped properly, the wicked hurts.


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