Fake Friends Are More Dangerous Than True Enemies

Fake Friends Are More Dangerous Than True Enemies

Fake friends

Friends are mainly stress busters for everyone. We need friends in our happy time as well as in our sad time.They are like family .They are part of our daily life. We share our daily things with them also they provide us solution of various issues.But sometimes we make mistakes in choosing the right person whom we can trust.This is the most dangerous thing.If we trusted on wrong person than later on we have to face many type of issues. If a person says bitter words on your face then you know he probably she doesn't like you it's OK. But if a person who behaves like a honey on your face but inside he or she is jealous from you and thinking wrong about you.These kind of people keep waiting for opportunity to lay you down. So you must have a clear vision while selecting people for yourself.  

Later on when you will face the reality, it will broke you. You will feel betrayed and left out.  So the best thing is before trusting anyone blindly give time to know that person. Fake friends are like snakes whatever you do for them later on they will betray you definitely.They will use you for their work and later on throw you like a garbage.  Also loving a wrong person is highly dangerous , because you can't forget that person after knowing the truth as you are emotionally attached with person and when that person betrays you the pain of separation lasts for long sometime unforgettable. Time can not heal those wounds.  So the thing is world is full of good people but few are bad ones we have to stay away from those for our mental peace. Learn from your past mistakes and try not to repeat them.

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