International Friendship Day 2020 / Happy Friendship Day 2020

International Friendship Day  2020 / Happy Friendship Day 2020

Happy friendship day

Friendship day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. 30 July is celebrated as International Friendship Day . But in few countries like India it is celebrated on first Sunday of August. People celebrate it by sharing friendship bands and cards with friends. Friendship Day is a occasion to express love with your friends. Friends are the people who fills the empty space of our life. They make us laugh any time by cracking a joke . Friends have same sense of humour. They understand each other very well. They can easily find out whether you are happy or not .  We came across various friends in our life .Some becomes very close to our heart. We can not think of a day without them . Our day starts with them and ends with them Whether they are with us or not , it doesn’t matter. In todays digital world we are always connected with our friends. We can share anything at any moment.

Friendship Day is a day to say thanks to all friends for their support and love. Their love and support makes your life much easier . Without friends life is too boring . You will be a machine without them . Sometimes we hurt our friends willingly or unwillingly. But we must say sorry as soon as we realise our mistake . Misunderstanding occurs but friends can understand that also. Saying sorry for your mistakes is a good thing .Try not to repeat them .

You can have friends everywhere at your work place, your home, your college, or at your favourite visiting places.  Friendly people can adjust everywhere. On this friendship day make your all friends realise that how much you love them. Hug them and ask them to stay with you always.


Happy Friendship Day 2020

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