Live life and live a happy life both are different things

Live life and live a happy life both are different things


Human life is tied in a circle. Every human has to pass through it. Many things are taught from birth to adulthood. But one thing that is not taught is to be happy. Preparations for future are started from birth.

In the midst of this preparation, a person forgets himself. He only keeps worrying about tomorrow and forgets his present.

Only one thing is taught from him, secure your future so that there is no problem later. After putting this thing in his mind, human beings are engaged day and night in preparation for the future.

Gradually, when the time passes and man reaches his old age. Then when he turns back and sees what he did in life. Then he asks himself- “Am I happy with that?” The answer is no. You don't have to be successful to be happy. Are poor people not happy? Some of their needs are not fulfilled but still they remain happy. You can’t buy happiness but you can spread happiness.

Happiness is achieved by complacency. You will never be happy until you get complacent. Success and failure will continue, it is a part of the process of life, because of this, if we stop being happy then it will be wrong.


How to be happy ?

Now you will say all this is fine but how to be happy. To be happy, it is not necessary to do big things. You can find happiness in small things. You can  start your day with a good mood. Talk to people around you with a smile. Help someone in need. Instead of screaming at anger and getting angry, work with a cool mind. Try to see something good in everything. Take out time  for the things you like to do. Gradually you will feel happy and energetic. People will be inspired by  you. Try to move forward in life with a positive mindset.

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