My Bholenath is always with me - Har Har Mahadev

My Bholenath is always with me - Har Har Mahadev

my bolenath

I have been away from home for almost 10 years. I go home only to celebrate holidays. I felt a lot while living alone for so many years. Good ,bad saw everything and came to a conclusion. When a person is alone, he has to face a lot of problems. The problem can be small or big. But my case has been quite different. Problems also come to me but do not stop for long. I have only one solution to every problem, that is my Bholenath. The problems are solved as soon as they are named. Bholenath is such a god who renounces all happiness and only indulges in austerity. He comes immediately on the call of devotees, that's why he is called Bholenath. I also have a loving relationship with my adorable Bholenath. If I feel alone, I only remember them, just by remembering him the mind becomes light. If I am in trouble, I remember him first and find a solution. I often make a lot of mistakes, sometimes unconsciously, intentionally in anger. Bholenath forgives my every mistake and maintains his love.
After knowing everything about Bholenath, there is hardly anyone who does not love him. He has always sacrificed himself for his devotees and for the world. When the gods and the asuras were churning for nectar, no one thought that Hallahal could come out. Everyone just had to drink amrita. But when the Hallahal came out, everyone fled in fear and asked for help from Bholenath. If the karma is yours then you should also suffer the consequences. But Bholenath heard the call of everyone and took the Hallahal in his throat. They have also suffered the bad fruits of the deeds of others, such as Bholenath.
Mahadev is called Bholenath because he is superior to all the gods. Every happiness is devoid of sorrow. He is such a deity who does not discriminate with anyone. Whether Sur or Asura he looks at everyone in the same manner and gives fruits. Bholenath sees only human actions. The woman & man are  integral part of each other, this God has explained to everyone in his Ardhanarishvara form and made everyone aware of the equality of the man and woman. Bholenath has a solution for every problem. He never disappoints anyone. Whoever goes to their shelter comes only by being happy. Only by calling Bholenath, a solution to the problems comes out.


कोई दौलत का दीवाना, कोई शोहरत का दीवाना,

शीशे सा मेरा दिल, मैं तो सिर्फ महादेव का दीवाना।

Bholenath shows you the way, if you do your work with hard work and dedication, then you definitely get success.

हर हर महादेव

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