No matter how high the bird flies, it returns to its nest in the evening

No matter how high the bird flies, it returns to its nest in the evening


Life is full of ups and downs. One has to go through many hurdles to reach its goal . Sometimes its too hard to maintain strength and motivation for goal. When you are away from your home and working towards your goal it gets a bit more harder . Because home is the best healing place . You feel relax at your home . Family is like oxygen . Without it you can not survive in this cruel world . When whole world is ignoring you , your family will accept you.

We should value our family. They are only people that will stand for you when you need them . Rest world is selfish , they will value you only till they need something from you . When they have their deed done , they will throw you like a garbage. Family should be our top priority. Always respect your family ,never hurt them . We all now that - No matter how high the bird flies, it returns to its nest in the evening . We cannot stay away from our home for long . Whether you are rich or poor, you need family. In hard times they will support you , in good time they will celebrate with you. Time will keep changing but they will never change . As they are part of your life. You life is incomplete without them. Sometimes in anger we disrespect them. We should say sorry to them for our mistakes. Social media life is fake. Its full of fake people and friends . We should never give much importance to that . You will meet thousands of people in your life out which only few are close to you. You cannot expect everyone to understand you. If somebody is not understanding you leave that , never try to prove anything in front of these kind of people. Stay away from crowd of fake peoples. Few good people are enough to enjoy life.

Never open your book in front of everyone. After knowing your weakness people start taking benefit from it. Being emotional is good but sometime we have to control our emotions to stay strong and safe. Before taking any decision consult with your family members they can tell you impact of your decision .


Family is like a garden, Be a gardener.

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