Patience and hardwork can make you achieve everything.

Patience and hardwork can make you achieve everything.


Every good and bad happening of life takes some time to happen. As a human being we always keep waiting for out put just after putting the efforts. Its not necessary that you will get result just after completing the task. Sometimes we have to keep working without thinking about result. Just plant the tree and watch it growing slowly and gradually. A day will come when this tree will bear fruits. Same thing is with study. We have to keep learning things until we succeed and reach our goal. Nowadays students who are preparing for various exams, loses their motivation after a certain time. They starts thinking that all the efforts put by them were worthless. They should know that their one more attempt can make them win. We should keep trying until our last breath. Success comes with continuous efforts if you will slow down yourself , you will start deviating from your path .

 Everyone in this world doesn’t get favorable conditions to grow. Sometimes one has to struggle a lot  to make their way . You can see various examples of people around you who have achieved a lot without any support. They were focused towards their work. Putting efforts in right direction is necessary. We must keep on checking ourselves are we going right? Sometimes we keep on putting efforts in wrong direction and success get delayed. We must know our strength and weaknesses as they will help us in choosing our path . Work on your weaknesses and convert them to your strength .

A day will come when you will be ready to face and overcome every challenge. Then there will be no doubt in your mind regarding your future .You can clearly plan things now. Learn from your mistakes try not to repeat them . Doing same mistakes again and again means we are not learning and wasting time. The most valuable factor is time. Most of us don’t have much time to achieve the goal. We have limited time and limited resources. We have to show results with that only. Very few are lucky with no boundations. Everyone has its own destiny , we don’t have to think much about it. You can change your destiny by your will power and hard work.

Start your day with positive thoughts and participate in race again . You will definitely win this time. 😇


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  1. Once more, with faculties drawn toward fulfillment - at any expense, when at limits - patience reasons us back into a commendable poise.