Story Behind Rakshabandhan – Knot Of Protection

Story Behind Rakshabandhan – Knot Of Protection

Happy Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is among the important festivals celebrated by Hindus. There are various stories behind it . But the most famous of them is Rani Karnawati of Chittor and Mughal Emperor Humayun. Rani Karnavati was the queen of Mewar. He was the widow of King Rana Sanga of Chittor. Rani had two sons - Rana Uday Singh and Rana Vikramaditya. While the Mughal Emperor Humayun was engaged in expanding his kingdom, on the other hand, Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat invaded Chittor in 1533 AD.

After the demise of Maharana Sanga, who brought all the Rajput princely states under one flag, Maharana Ratan Singh sat on the throne of Chittor. After the death of Rana Ratan Singh, his brother Vikramaditya became the Maharaj of Chittor. Vikramaditya recruited seven thousand wrestlers in his army. He loved animal fighting, wrestling, . Due to these reasons the feudal lords of Mewar were not happy. And they left him and went to Emperor Badshah and elsewhere.

Taking advantage of this, the ruler of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor. However, Vikramaditya tried to make a treaty with Bahadur Shah but failed. Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor with cannons with a consolidated barricade. He also had an army of African soldiers.Rajmata Karmavati started negotiating the treaty by sending envoys to the Sultan and the treaty was reached with certain conditions. But a few days later the emperor again rejected the treaty and travelled to Chittor.

In such a situation, Maharani Karnavati proposed to Humayun amidst the struggle of the Rajputs and Muslims that we should face our common enemy Bahadur Shah together by mutual treaty. Because at that time, where the Mughal Emperor Humayun was engaged in expanding his kingdom, on the other hand was under Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. The Mughal emperor Humayun accepted the queen's proposal. Because Rajmata Karnavati knew that Maharana Vikramaditya is neither a friendly prince nor an intelligent ruler. Therefore, to save the honor of Mewar, he sent a rakhi to the Mughal emperor Humayun and asked about the help. Although Humayun did not spare anyone, but in his heart, the love of Rani Karnavati got off well and he supported the queen. Humayun was made his Dharmabhai by the queen, so Humayun also protected his kingdom by taking care of Rakhi.

Humayun obeyed the Rakhi of the Rajmata, she also sent many gifts from the Rakhi, and assured that he would do it for help. When Chittor was attacked, Humayun stayed on the family at Gwaliorts. From there he ordered Agra and Delhi Harkara to increase military taxation, but by the time he reached Chittor with the troops, it was late. Rajmata Karnavati had done Jauhar along with all the women of the palace.

Humayun was filled with grief and anger when he heard of Rajmata Karnavati's Jauhar in Chittor. Humayun invaded Gujarat and defeated Bahadurash's commander Tatarkhan badly. After this the emperor went to battle with Humayun and lost in the battle with the Mughal army near Mandsaur. On hearing the news of his defeat, the Rajput soldiers of Chittor attacked Chittor and drove away the soldiers of Bahadur, and brought Prince Uday Singh from Bundi and made him Maharana.

Humayun knew the importance of brother-sister relationship in Indian culture since when he was a refuge in Veerashal, the Rajput ruler of Amarkot in Buri kab. Rana Veerashal's patrani used to show his sibling brother's respect to Humayun and brother used to do it only. Humayun's son Akbar was also born while living in Amarkot. Therefore, he tried to keep the value of Karnavati's Rakhi at all costs.

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