When people stop understanding you stop explaining

When people stop understanding you stop explaining


There are many people whom you love and you would have spent a lot of time with them. But sometimes those people do something that makes you very sad. There is also an expectation from those whom you love that when time does not support me, these people will support me, when no one understands, they will understand me. This hope gives you a lot of happiness and encouragement. But we forget that they are also human being and human being keeps making mistakes. But with whom you have expectations and that person makes a mistake, you are not able to bear that. These people can be your friends, family members, or those who work with you. Sometimes you try to do good for them and think well but they make wrong sense and you feel bad. In such a situation, even if we want to explain them, they do not understand and the quarrel increases considerably. In such a situation, we should leave the place without saying anything. If later that person realizes his mistake, then he himself will apologize for his mistake. If he does not realize this, then we should understand that that person does not appreciate you. You lose your self-esteem by going to him again and again and then his misbehaviour increases towards you. Because they know you will forgive them even after every mistake they make.

So always keep yourself happy with someone who appreciates you and it is good to keep distance from those who hurt you again and again. To avoid a relationship, it is okay to bow down to a bone, after that we should move forward. Life is very big and there are many people in the world who you are yet to meet. Think positively and keep moving forward in life.

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