Goverment jobs or private jobs doesn't matter, only skills matter.

Goverment jobs or private jobs doesn't matter, only skills matter.

In our country people considers government job as good job . A private company employee may be earning much more than government servant still people consider his work and profile as underrated. In villages situation is worse , for villagers private job means guards or that kind of profile. You have completed your education from good college ,then got a job based upon your skills. The layman thoughts are in government job we can relax too much also we have power to control things and also job security is there. People don't want to upgrade themselves , they just want how to get things easily. Nobody want to work upon their skills and they want job. Nowadays laborer's are also skilled and if your are graduate or post graduate then you must have sufficient knowledge of your subject to work under a organization.

Jobs are available but they need skilled people. Skilled person is never unemployed. First improve your skills and then apply , the result will be in your favor for sure. Hard work always pays good , those who are working hard for their future will definitely have a good future. Everyone has degree but no knowledge and no skills. Education quality is too poor , educational institutions charges big amount for course fee but in return they deliver black future. Proper classes and subject knowledge not given to students . Only they  will give you a piece of paper as degree which is of no use .

Students and their parents should select the educational institute wisely as it will decide their future. Don't waste your hard earned money on any institute just to get a degree. Everyone have bright future all we have to do is make right decisions. Raise your voice against wrong deeds of any organization. Raise voice for yourself.

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