Farmers Are Backbone Of Our Country. Do Not Ignore Their Issues.

Farmers Are Backbone Of Our Country. Do Not Ignore Their Issues.

 “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan “ was a slogan given by second Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1965. Now in 2020 this slogan is soul of our country. Farmers are like mother , mother always feeds her child whatever the situation is . Soldiers are like father they always protect their country as their son. Farmers and soldiers work 24 hours a day. Their hard work and sacrifice is paramount. Unfortunately farmers of our country are going through very bad phase. They are destroying their crops as they not getting reasonable rates to sell them. If this phase will continue - how they will survive ? Everyone must raise voice for them. Daily we hears news regarding farmers committing suicide. We keep ignoring their issues but this is right time to stand for them . They also deserves a better life. Government should consider their opinions while making policies. This line explains true situations of our farmers-


ये सिलसिला क्या यूँ ही चलता रहेगा, सियासत अपनी चालों से कब तक किसान को छलता रहेगा.

Indian Farmers

In Farming you can not predict productivity.
Sometimes the crop of many people is wasted due to lack of timely rains. The precious seeds sown by them and the money spent in plowing the field are also wasted. Life of a farmer is full of hardships. They just want to survive only. 
Farmers are backbone of our country. If they will feel broken ,how we can seek development. Due to lack of money they are not getting good education, medical facilities ,proper shelter and clothing. Maximum farmers of our are country are below poverty line. Why this is so? This is due to improper policies of government. Sometimes good policies are made but not implemented properly. After make policies for farmers government should keep a check on it otherwise its of no use to them.

If our farmers will suffer ultimately our economy will suffer.





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  1. The Anne Arundel region Farmers Co-operation is directly down the road from me and they work with nearby farmers to supply seedlings and developing supplies, undefined