Good Bye To 2020 And Lets Welcome Happy New Year 2021.

 Good Bye To 2020 And Lets Welcome Happy New Year 2021. 

good bye 2020

2020 has been memorable for everyone. 2020 has taught us a lot. In 2020, we have lived life in a new way. We were introduced to new words like lockdown and quarantine. It has been difficult to live life inside a closed room and stay away from loved ones. It had little impact on the lives of some people but some people have suffered a lot. Many people were jobless , they were trying to survive. When we think about 2020 the thing which comes to our mind is “pain & suffering”. Those who died due to the epidemic must have had many dreams. May their soul rest in peace. Now we get used to masks and sanitizers. In 2020 we realized the importance of family and friends. We also came to know that anything in life can happen suddenly.

After all this, we now hope for a better tomorrow. We will do our best to fulfill our unfulfilled hopes in 2021 and live happily with our family and friends. Now we should try to create an atmosphere of love and happiness by forgetting our mutual feelings and grievances. We should respect your elders and give love to the younger ones. We cannot bring back what we have lost but we can appreciate what we have.

Lets we pray to god to make 2021 a wonderful year.

Happy New Year 2021.

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