Why your biceps size is not increasing ? Tips to increase your biceps size.

Why your biceps size is not increasing ?

Grow biceps size

Isn't your hand size increasing? Has your biceps growth stopped?  There can be 2 reasons for this, which we will tell you in this post. Biceps have two muscles 1. long head and 2. short head.

I have seen in the gym that most people do not exercise full biceps muscles and some do not exercise properly. There is an advantage of exercising only if you exercise properly. Do not ever go to the gym thinking that "man, we just have to pass 1 hour time". Use this one hour correctly. This one hour can prove very beneficial for you. Let us finish this rest of the things and come to our topic.

1) Over training is the biggest reason

The first reason is over training. This means that you are doing more exercise. Everybody going to the new gym thinks that if I apply more raps than my friend, my biceps will grow soon. This is the biggest misconception in our India. Most people do the same thing that the raps increase more and over-train their muscles or are engaged in the exercise of biceps everyday. This is the wrong way of growth of muscles. Our muscles do not grow when we exercise, but when we rest and take a good diet, then our muscles grow.

So to increase the size of your biceps, you have to exercise only once a week. If you have been doing gym for a few days now, then you have to do exercise of biceps and triceps together, so that you can grow a good muscle, because most of the hand size comes in triceps.

2) Wrong Diet Plan

If your muscle is not growing, then first you have to check your daily diet. If you are taking a diet less than the total energy spent on the day, then your muscle growth stops. If you are not taking full diet, no matter how hard you exercise, your muscle growth will not happen. If your diet plan is still not growing your muscles, then you should add 200 calories to your diet. You can take 200 extra calories from a low fat dairy product or use Nut and Beans.

You have to keep in mind that your diet is very good and what happens many times there are some hard gainers who have a lot of difficulty in getting muscle, then what they have to do is they should add 500 calories in their diet instead of 200 calories. If their muscle is not increasing even in 500 calories, then instead of 500 calories, you will have to add 700 calories to your diet, so that you can gain your muscle quickly.

3) Increase protein intake

If you keep a small amount of protein in your diet, then it also affects your muscle growth because our body needs protein to make muscle. Our body breaks down protein into amino acids, which is very important for our muscle growth. 30 to 40% of our diet should be protein. And according to your body weight, you can keep protein from 1.5 grams to 2.0 grams in your diet. A large egg contains 6 grams of protein and a cup of low-fat milk contains 8 grams of protein.

This is one of the reasons why your biceps muscle does not grow, so you must keep in mind how much protein is in your diet. If the amount of protein in your diet will be less, then you will have difficulty in making every muscle of your body. Therefore, according to the formula mentioned above, you should keep the value of protein in your diet according to your body weight, so that you do not have difficulty in muscle gain and as your weight increases, you increase the value of protein.

4) Keep changing the exercise

Many times we keep applying the same exercise again and again, due to which our body adapts the exercise according to its size. If we continue to do the same exercise of biceps again and again, because of that our Muscle stops growing, then you keep changing your exercise after some time and in the change you can either change your exercise or else You can change the number of sets in the exercise or change the number of residency and apply the exercise so that your muscle will grow quickly and you keep asking different trainers repeatedly.

5) Keep the right time gap between exercises

In between every exercise, we need to keep the right time gap. If we do not keep the right gap, due to this, our muscle stops growing. We should rest for at least 2 to 3 minutes after completing each exercise and you have to do at least 1 minute rest in between each set. If you are exercising with your partner, then you can give a time gap of 45 seconds after each set is completed. After a gap of 45 seconds you can start applying your next set.

6) Great tips for making biceps

Avoid overt raining your muscles.

Take a good diet.

Exercise correctly and in the correct position.

Do not exercise the same muscles everyday.

According to your own weight, so that you can exercise properly.

7) Information about Biceps Muscle

When we start exercising, it is very important to know about which muscle we work on during that exercise. If you do not know this thing, then your muscle will grow 50 percent less. So to make biceps, the same rule has to be followed. There are two parts of our biceps called Biceps Brachii and Brachialis. To make the right biceps, you have to exercise both these parts equally.

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